Dry Ice ( CO 2) THE ADVANTAGES at a glance

• No disposal requirements Dry ice sublimates instantly upon impact to gas.
Environmentally friendly. This process is done without any chemicals additives. Only the removed depositions need to be disposed of.  
• Gentle cleaning process that is safe for precision machine tolerances. The pellets do not cause any damage to the surface.
• Increase of production. Many parts of the machine can be cleaned without the need to dismantle the machine.
• Movable and quick to be used –no extensive post –treatment required.
• Operates without electrical power. The GREEN TECH blasting units operate pneumatically; therefore, CO2 blasting is anywhere possible.
• Multipurpose numerous nozzles ensure that the cleaning in difficult to reach areas is effective.
• Cost–effective, fast, abrasive free, disposal free, and downtime for the production – thus the investment pays off within a short period of time.