The Dry-Ice Cleaning Technology is used in many branches like:

Machine building, mould making, foundries, rubber factories, rolling mills, manufacturing industry, chemical and textile industry, food industry, garages, maintenance of airplanes, dockyards, paint shops, spray painting shops, electroplating and engraving shops, garbage incinerationg plants, drinking water systems, hospitals, sewage purification plants etc...

The following guide lists some of the common industrial materials that can be remióved by dry ice blasting either from the surface to which they are applied, or cleaned off the equipment or tooling used to apply or process them. Some typical examples are given, but the list is by no means exhaustive and specific advice should always be sought from GREEN TECH.

  Material Typical surfaces from which the material can be
Typical equipment from which the material can be
A Adhesives APSU achieves the best power factor relative to the load = 0.99%. APSU achieves the best power factor relative to the load = 0.99%.
Animal feed Metals, Plastics, Rubbers Baggaging machines, Extruders
Asbestos Brick, Concrete, Metals, Piping Boilers, Buildings, Heaters
B Biscuit Conveyors, Moulds Baking ovens
Bitumen Concrete, Glass, Metals, Plastics Construction equipment
Boiler scale Boiler internals Manifolds, Valves
Bread Baking tins, Conveyors Baking ovens
C Carbon deposits Commutators, Electric and electronic components, Metals Electric motor windings, Engine cylinder heads, Generators, Printed circiut boards (PCB´s)
Chewing gum Street paving Process & Packaging euipment
Chocolate Conveyors, Moulds Process & Coating equipment
Combustion residues Boiler membrane walls, Fire Tubes, Flues Burners, Combustors, Exhaust systems, Reaction chambers
Crude oil Holding vessels, Piping Drilling equipment, Valves
D Die coatings Aluminium, Steel, GRP Casting & hot forming moulds
F Fermentation residues Vats Distillery & Brewing equipment, Fermentation vessels
Fish residue Working surface Cutting and slicing equipment
Flavourings Glass, Plastics, Rubber, Stainless steel Mixing & Applicator equipment
Flour Millstones, Plastics, Rubber, Stainless steel Milling & process equipment
Fluxes Printed circuit boards (PCB´s), Welded & micro welded components PCB contact probes, PCB test equipment, Welded surfaces
Foam residues Cables, Ducting, Hydraulic hoses, Mould vents EPS and EPU processing equipment
G Grease Practically all Acts as a degreasing process
L Logos Glass, Metals, Painted surfaces, Plastics, Rubber Screen and tampon printed components
M Mastics Glass, Metals, Plastics, Painted surfaces Applicators, Sealed components
Milk scale Glass, Stainless steel, Plastics Processing equipment
Meat residues Bones, Huides, Metals, Plastics Aninmal by-products, Cutting and processing equipment
Mineral oils Pratically all especially as degraesing process Electrical and mechanical components, Surfaces to be coated
Mould release agents Low MP Alloys, Aluminium, Composite tooling, GRP, Tool & Stainless steel Moulding Tools and adjacent press equipment
O Oil, Grease & Dirt Cables, Ducting, Drive shafts, Gears, Hoses, Switchgear, Machine components etc. All machines and engines especially when refurbishing
P Paint Glass, Metals, Plastics, Rubber Conveyors, Sprayed components, Jigs, Pre-painted panels
Paper residues Metals, Plastics, Painted surfaces, Rubber Dying rollers and evacuation hoods, Printing presses
Powder build up Metals, Plastics, Painted surfaces, Rubber Food and powder processing machinery
Printing inks Metals, Plastics, Painted surfaces, Rubber Printing presses, printing machines
Process spillage Machinery surfaces Process machinery
Protective coatings Metals, Plastics, Painted panels Stored tools and equipment
R Radioactive contamination Practically all Generally tools and equipment that need to be removed from active areas
Resin Ceramics, Metals, Stoneware, Plastics Holding tanks, Water storage and purification equipment
Rubber Composites, Metals Moulding press tools and press ancillaries
S Sugar & Syrups Glass, Metals, Plastics, Rubber Processing and transport vessels and equipment
T Tar Glass, Metals, Plastics, Rubber Construction and processing equipment
V Vegerable oils Glass, Metals, Plastics, Rubber Food processing and Frying equipment
W Wood pulp Glass, Metals, Plastics, Rubber Paper making machinery